What's a MOM to do?

What can I do to help?

Posted on: July 8, 2009

My Blessings

As promised yesterday, here is a list of what you can do for someone who has a chronically ill child or a child with a long hospitalization.Most of this list was derived from what people did for me and our family. Some things cost nothing, some are expensive, some take a little time, some take a lot, figure out what you are willing to do/give and go from there.

pray, for them and with them

clean their house, yes I mean scrub the toilets, or pay for and send over a cleaning company

bring a meal, or a milkshake, or muchies

mow the grass

get an ipod, load it with their favorite music, kids music, instrumentals for sleep time, inspirational messages

go visit, don’t expect to be entertained, or even talked to but go and sit, hold the child, hold the parent, just be there

organize a fund raiser, but don’t let them know about it

send care packages

bring an area rug to put on the floor in the hospital room for play time

maintenance at their home, power washing, planting flowers, trimming shrubs

take mom for a haircut (or bring someone to the hospital to do it there), manicure, pedicure, etc

if appropriate, bring playmates to visit

bring sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Wii, books, toys, videos, art/craft supplies

make a hospital survival kit for parents: ear plugs, eye mask, fleece blanket, snacks, pillow, toiletries

do laundry

pick up things from their home and bring to them

help them do research

find out about local resources

bring an air mattress to them

help with other children

make a photo collage for the child of their family and friends to hang in the room or on the bed

decorate the hospital room

give them gift cards for the cafeteria or restaurants close by

send them a card

bring fresh flowers


We were so blessed by friends, family, even strangers who carried us through. Let me share an example, though all of the above are examples, this is priceless. Our youngest (15 months) had been in the hospital locally for 10 weeks, we were about to fly from NC to PA for a more specialized hospital and our oldest was about to turn 3. My dear friends handled the birthday party, suggested a location, made party favors, made invitations, bought supplies, picked up the cake, sat with the one in the hospital so we could all attend, brought the food, EVERY detail was handled. I still cry when I think about how my friends made that birthday party possible, and wonderful.

Please don’t send a text message, email or voicemail to say “hey, I  am thinking about you”, go and do something.

If you have other ideas, please post them and I will compile them.


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