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Member of a club no one wants to join

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Sisters having fun, even in the hospital

Today I got ANOTHER link to a Caring Bridge website for a 3 year old boy with stage 4 cancer. As I read it and then thought about it while preparing dinner, okay pancakes and bacon counts as dinner, right? Back to the point, it occurred to me that I have become a member of a club that no one really wants to join, actually the only people who want to join it have walked a much more difficult journey than I. I am a member of the club of parents who have had a child hospitalized or seriously ill for an extended period of time. The only people who want to be a part of this club, I believe, are those like my Mom, my friends Stephanie, Michele, Michelle, Maggie, Anne, and others who lost a child to an illness or accident. So, as a member of this club, what can I do, because clubs do something right?

Well the latest thing I have been “doing” is reaching out to other parents who are walking the path we did of long hospitalization(s) for their children. What can I do for them? Thats what everyone asks when you have a tragedy like this, what can I do? The funny, okay not so funny, thing is that there are a million things they can do, the first would be to not ask what they can do but to just do something. I think tomorrow’s post will be a list of “somethings” you can do.


2 Responses to "Member of a club no one wants to join"

Great job Lisa!!! I can’t agree with you more about patient advocacy and how everyone needs someone beside them with a different set of eyes, to make things happen and get what they need!

Writing can be cathartic (it is for me too!) and you’ll helping so many others!

Keep it up!!

Love you,

I can semi relate 2 typing with 2 fingers. After gabriel’s birth most of my email/Internet activity occurs on my iPhone 🙂
Great work…enjoyed the recipe idea (especially inspired not to throw overly fruit away. Loved the ideas on how to help those in the hospital. They can apply to those going through any tough time and the elderly living alone or in a hospital. The key is to ACT. Definitely inspiration to get me ‘doing’ not just thinking.
If u ever get a chance to post some of your concoctions (fruit smoothies etc that would be great. I enjoyed the healthy one u made me a few months back. And of course, please pass along any good books u are reading.
Question-what about getting a group together to start service outings for kids. I often have great intentions….
Hugs & kisses
Alisa Smith

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